Jo & Justin

8 April 2023


Love is awful. It’s awful. It’s painful. It’s frightening. It makes you doubt yourself, judge yourself.

It makes you selfish. It makes you creepy, makes you obsessed with your hair, makes you say and do things you never thought you would do. It’s all any of us want, and it’s hell when we get there. So no wonder it’s something we don’t want to do on our own.


I was taught if we’re born with love then life is about choosing the right place to put it.

People talk about that a lot, feeling right, when it feels right it’s easy.

But I’m not sure that’s true. It takes strength to know what’s right.

And love isn’t something that weak people do.

Being a romantic takes a hell of a lot of hope.

I think what they mean is, when you find somebody that you love, it feels like hope.

Dear Jo & Justin!

Thank you for trusting me with capturing the memories of your special day.

It's been my absolute pleasure to share this magic with you.

Below you will find your wedding film and a highlights teaser.


Please enjoy watching & take care of each other!

Wedding Film 🍿

Highlights Teaser 🎬

P.S. Here is a Dropbox link where you can download the files.